MSR Windboiler

Just purchased one of these for my birthday 🙂  Can’t wait to get it and try it out.  More info as I use it.

Well, it arrived today via UPS 20141119_173132
Opening it up: 20141119_173239
20141119_173249 20141119_173416
20141119_173825 20141119_173833
20141119_173918 20141119_174006
20141119_174024 20141119_174052

Boiled .5L in right at 2 minutes.  Burns well.  Can’t wait to try it on the trail.

Update: 20 Dec 2014

Use it on a day hike (here) to heat water for coffee during our lunch break.  Bling was impressed by how fast it boiled water.

Ready to use it on an overnight trip now 🙂

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